Saturday, April 28, 2012

Vittore Baroni/ Via C. Battisti 339/ 55849 Viareggio/ ITALY/........ Related Link: ...........OTTOART


Anonymous said...

That horse is about to release some art.

Anonymous said...

Ross. Take all of the mail art you have collected over the years and put it in a paper shredder. Exist to recycle all art. Art should not exist. Artists should create art the world over but their art needs upon completion immediately to be shredded up. Walk around with a big drink cup. Inside have cement slurry with a bit of polyurethane like a dressing. Like they use to resurface old cement to make it pretty. Then look around. If no one is looking reach in the cup and pull out a paint brush. Carefully cover up all GRAFFITI TAGS people ave left on cement and concrete surfaces with the slurry. Try to be so efficient you take the TAGS down as quickly as the graffiti artists make them go up. For elaborate wall sized graffiti which is difficult to reach, glass light bulbs and Christmas ornaments filled with the slurry can be thrown at the top. No matter how large, five splats at the top usually shall run down covering the graffiti art. This is a worldwide movement. To remove all defacing graffiti. Also graffiti from ancient times. All graffiti needs to go. When I COME TO POWER, the caves at LASCAUX are going to be MEDIA BLASTED to remove all of that ugly CAVE MAN art. All human art, especially graffiti art should be carefully and methodically taken down. Beautify the world. Carefully remove all art. And remember this slogan, "PEOPLE, WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE?"