Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tiziana Baracchi - Art Air Sun Sea Act

Visual poetry collages, full colour, 16 pages. 

Published by Tonerworks:

Reed Altemus
P.O. Box 5052
Portland, ME


Anonymous said...

*******This does not pertain to this posting.

Somebody sent me an e-mail about something getting rust on it because it got left outside of a shed. That person should e-mail me again because I haven't their e-mail address. My computer died and my daughter's friend reformated it so I could access e-mail from an MSM google type search thingy. It is very difficult to pull up. I am not into computers. Anyway after reading e-mails if I don't respond or after I respond either way the e-mail goes away. So I can't e-mail back to the person again unless they send me another e-mail first. This computer is over ten years old. It has survived tons of virus attacks with no virus protection. It is dusty and makes crazy noises when it runs. If I see a newer computer at a thrift store I was told to buy it so the friend computer geek can clean it out and reprogram it for me. Until then I have to use this raggedy thing. Anyhow. That is what is going on with my computer. And now a message for Ross.

I have been sorting through all the piles of mail art I have gotten this year. The cool stuff I think you'll like to use on your web site I put in one pile. Stuff I can use for clip art goes in the other pile. The third pile which is about 50% or more of the mail art I receive goes to the patio grill. As I get stamps I'll send you the best pieces of mail art.

Now a message for everyone:

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Mail art is not art. Only TRUMAN BENTLEY JR. can decide what is art and who is a real artist. All others are just koo koo crazies holding boxes of Cracker Jacks.

Anonymous said...

KEN GLEASON HITACHI has written many reviews on this wonderful work. He suggests it for everyone in tune with cutting edge culture and art.

Anonymous said...

New newsletter being created.

All about how lovely Truman Bentley Jr. is. Madonna wrote a song about TRUMAN BENTLEY JR. that says STRIKE A POSE. Truman dances through the MALL holding ice cream cones and singing FIGAROOOOO, FIGAROOOOOOO!

Anonymous said...

Truman Bentley Jr. is going to Mexico to have his SEX CHANGE OPERATION. He is becoming a woman.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to read this work on special occasions. Like after slipping on a fresh, brand new pair of PAUL PARROT SHOES.