Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Jake Austen, ed. Roctober #50! 140 pages!

$5 to:

1507 53rd St. #617
Chicago, IL


Anonymous said...

The TRUMAN BENTLEY JR. Newsletter is reviewed in the zine section. Then later in the magazine part two of the extensive BOYD RICE INTERVIEW where he explains his use of fascist motif and his affiliation with the Church Of Satan and ANTON SZANDOR LAVEY. Ross read the article on Boyd Rice and give us your thoughts on the content of the article. You may find the article interesting. One thing is for sure BOYD RICE ain't no tar baby.

Anonymous said...

TRUMAN BENTLEY JR. has powerful magic. The thing you post at the top of BENTSPOON is a zine hot off the press with a NEWSLETTER review and a colossal BOYD RICE glorifying article.

drosspriddle said...

Truman, a person would have to read 135 pages to get to the Boyd Rice. 135 pages of tiny little words. Who's going to read that far?

In other news, You-Know-Who has ditched me, so, feel free to send me more evil stuff!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that. If the person says there is no chance of ya'll patching things up, and the person says it is okay to send you stuff, then I can. I said I would no longer send you stuff. So since I said I wouldn't send you any stuff I have to wait until I hear the okay from them. Now regarding the ROCKTOBER MAGAZINE you got that from someone else. Since I was in it and Boyd Rice was in it and you posted it then that was okay to comment on. Now regarding the magazine. Real zine people read every word. 135 pages is a dream come true for a zine fan. Regarding the Boyd Rice article he explains how he did a lot of things when he was younger he doesn't agree with today. He explains all the facets of his PHENOMENA. The artile is a good article. You might find it fascinating. Regarding the review of my newsletter that schmuck said I was holocaust denying because I said it wouldn't have happened if the Allied countries who had known about it would have done something to stop it. George Dasch who came to the U.S. in Operation Pastorious told them all about it in 1942. Plus many other people. All I said was it would not have happened if the allies had of intervened. They could have at least sabotaged the rail lines leading to the camps. They could have done something. Anyhow that is what THAT SCHMUCK is talking about in the holocaust denying reference. He can go EF himself on that one because I was not saying it didn't happen. I said it could have been prevented or slowed down some by allied intervention. Anyway, if my friend says it is okay to send you stuff again I can. Also I'll try to send you stuff that is more wholesome because you are the kind of kid in school who does not need to be influenced by that bad TRUMAN BENTLEY JR. In the parent conference they said next year you aren't going to be in the same class with him, but for the rest of the year your teacher is moving your desk across the room nearer the front. Also you do not want to have to go to summer school, so you better do your assignments and stay away from that bad Truman. He is the one who started that food fight in the cafeteria.