Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Theo Nelson


Anonymous said...

Teeth are important Theo. Join Ross in going to the dentist as a hobby. Keep your teeth BETTER than everyone you know. BETTER TEETH means a BETTER YOU. Remember BUTTER TEETH are strictly ORVILLE REDDENBACHER. All people with BUTTER PECAN TEETH are HEEN-HAWN-HAWN-HAWN. Thompson discusses the details of THURSTON HOWELL III teeth and clean shaves in his TRANSMISSION FROM THE ONE ROOM ASHRAM ANNEX TV VIEWING ROOM GATOR POND COMPOUND DVD DISC SIX. Listen to the words of Thompson. Accept PSYCHIC NOMADISM. For teeth are the way all are are judged by all SEINFELD cast characters. Even NEWMAN frowns on those with PURE N "T" KRIBBIDGE TEETH.

Anonymous said...

Theo. Go to the bank today and withdraw a few Canadian dollars from your account and send it to TRUMAN BENTLEY JR. as a love offering. Worship him Theo and be saved!