Saturday, September 22, 2012

"Since dedicating his life to the Cult of The Newsletter Ross has increasingly used "Witch Fingers" as a tool in promoting better prostate health."

Truman Bentley Jr.
3219 Carden Drive
Columbus, GA


Anonymous said...

my prostate feels better just looking at this.

Anonymous said...

Ross. I have begun a diet of dog food. Canned. Dry. And dog biscuits. Water. I am eating DOG FOOD now to strenthen me in my DISCONNECT with society. I despise all women officially. Never again shall I have any contact with any women. I have moved out to my first urban camp site. I am off the grid. Using car jumper cables I tapped into a street lamp to get power for my portable DVD player. I joined a work out club to use the shower and have a storage locker to put my DVD player in while not using it. Using scrap wood I am building things which look like bird houses but are little HAIGHT GENERATORS. Haight Ashbury=Love, so much play on words means the opposite. Each elaborate creation I can put a person's name inside and either bury it, leave it high to rot in a forest tree or burn it on the camp fire. I am avoiding all people. I gave almost all of my possessions to donation thrift store bins. After I completely detach and go urban camper I'll completely drop off the map. Give up my driver's liscense and all forms of I.D. I want nothing to do with society. I have several dumpsters I am using now to acquire food. I'll write about it. I hope to save up enough to have my penis and testicles castrated. I want nothing that a woman can use or cause me to be aroused. No penis growing at the thought or sight of an attractive woman. Just a bland no feeling empty space where once a hard rock was. Now freedom from the females of the world. I advocate castration for all men. I'll take photos later this week of my urban camp site hidden behind an office store near a bypass exit. The penis shall be FREE! from the enslavement to all that is woman!