Friday, January 25, 2013

Ben John Smith & Kane Melbourne

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Anonymous said...

Ross Priddle Ecology. I am working on the Art Proclamation of Universal World Rules from The only God Of The World Truman Bentley Jr. He is the sole ruler of Art and THE DECIDER of what is ART and WHO is or is not an artist. Building canvasses to paint the faces of all the ugly people of the world for people are not pretty. They are the rats. Similar to the Adam Ant song about who the Human Beings are. In his song he sides with the Native Americans and proclaims them the HUMAN BEINGS and all civilized technology society men as the savages. This is true as no APACHE ever raised up an ICBM or a helicopter aeroplane. But Adam Ant left off with his song. I continue on further. In the film THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY the soda pop bottle ruined an entire tribe. But throwing one empty soda bottle off the end of the earth was a major task. Civilization is just too big to return to NATURAL MAN'S ORIGINAL STATE. No, we cannot go to another planet and start over neither because we are corrupted by technology. So the best thing is to create art that constantly ridicules technology and civilization and evokes, EVOKES in man a way of thinking in tune with MOTHER EARTH. Environmental logic. Even psycologically man must be IN TUNE with nature in his nude body and sex like in the film THE WICKER MAN around the MAY POLE and THE RITES OF SPRING. Psychologically affixed to man as a tangible part of nature FREE from both the right and the current POWER LEFT, for both are decadent. Religion that corrupts man with GUILT, SIN, GLORIFICATION OF AFTER LIFE ETERNITY are acid to the so called PSYCHE SOUL of man. One Giant Step for mankind is beyond CROWD control of the masses, but MIND CONTROL through ART is necesssary to REPROGRAM the so called ART SPIRIT. Nature shall speak to the ELECT ELITES as it did to the American Indian Shaman. The answers are not IN OUR HEADS but through CHANNELING NATURE INTO OUR HEADS. The draw of things ASEMIC and the symbolic meaning of SYMBOLS-ART-WRITING is the origin, where it came from, THE TWO RED EYES OF THE SABER TOOTHED TIGER IN THE DARK OUR FIRST UNDERSTANDING. Evoking the primordial root THINK of the brain is the objective. Like plating a SEED found in an ATLANTEAN PYRAMID. Dormant for millions of years. The ASEMIC MIND is the FUZZY LOGIC OF ALL DISCERNMENT WHICH IS THE MENTAL ASEMIC RUBIX CUBE. Truman is always on some NEXT LEVEL SHIT as the masses comment in letters often. Through alphabet letters their minds instantly formulate this using the deepest recesses of the INNATE BRAIN as they would react to TWO RED EYES in the dark. Ross you must seek an INVOCATION OF NATURE to be able to EVOKE THE TANGIBLE. Beyond the Nietzschean GRASP. There is much beyond Zarathustra. Attach ASEMIC THOUGHT to Wilhelm Reich's ORGONE ENERGY and you'll get THE BUMP. And if you get lost shout WHAT'S THE FREQUENCY TRUMAN!