Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Steve Benson (Blue Hill, ME)

[this is page one of an 8 page poem... if you'd like to see the rest, let me know...!


Anonymous said...

Steve is the best poem maker out there. There should be at least sixteen more pages to this Asemic Tome of Balsamic Tint. The Institute of Poemtry knows his is by far O'Captain. For lincoln is a scurilous war criminal. Be should be tried in absentia for crimes against humanity. Abe lincoln bad. Bad. No Habeus Corpeus. Smoke the reefer tax. Exonerate the Popcorn. Thump that shine. Thump that shine. For the shine is for swiggin' not sippin'.

Anonymous said...

He should not Be should.

Anonymous said...

Ross. Do you ever watch the videos of KLAUS NOMI? He was the first Asemic Human.