Tuesday, May 28, 2013

David Stanley Aponte
5459 Vicksburg Drive
Indianapolis, Indiana


Anonymous said...

Dr. Koom Ron likes this.

Anonymous said...

I just went ccccccccccccccccrazy and spent an hour shreading up all the mail art I had. Except for a small stack already addressed to send to you and other mail chimps. I'm ttttttired of these lame freaks creating rubbish. Its all in a box ready for the garbage. Not even gonna soak it all and make wheat paste devil masks out of the pulp. Gonna throw it all away because THAT is what these these these these ddddddddweebs deserve. To have all their mess creations tossed in the DUMP-STUH! BBBBBBBBBBWAHAHAHAHAHA!

drosspriddle said...

You're an evil man Truman Bentley Jr. I think I'm going to leave my archives to you.

Anonymous said...

Canada. Sorry you live next door to trash, aka AMERICA. USA is trash.