Monday, February 16, 2015


Grigori Antonin
P.O. Box 580609
Minneapolis, MN



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Sexy British Lara Lesbian. Check out her lipstick smeared on shaved bottoms in the flowery dresses video.

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Many people admire the freewheeling life style of VLADIMIR FROOTRON.

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Am I Bowling for Confederate Dollars now?

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The goldfish <scares ME, am I weak? Deficient?

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A C______, Georgia wo/man arrested at a downtown D.C. hotel last month has been charged with administering illegal silicone butt and hip injections to wo/men.

Federal agents had been investigating 4[X]-year old J___ K_______ for six months. The probe began after an exotic dancer from Baltimore reported that K_______ injected her buttocks and hips with silicone.

She said it happened on a bed in K_______'s room at the Renaissance Hotel, and that she paid the 4[X]-year old unlicensed wo/man, $4000 for four shots.

The dancer said two days after her final injection in March, she became ill and spent 10 days in the hospital suffering from ailments including silicone in her lungs.

Dr. M______ J____ is a board certified plastic surgeon. S/He says S/he's treated victims of illegal silicone injections and has seen the dangers.

S/He says, "The silicone can bubble to the service and can cause chronic infections which are difficult to treat."

K_______ was busted last month at a J.W. Marriott Hotel on 14th street NW, D.C.

Federal agents say s/he had apparently set up shop to do more injections.

They say s/he had "three 18 gauge medical needles" in one of her/his handbags, and they also found a text from a D.C.wo/man asking to "get her/his hips done".

Earline Budd and Debbie McMillan aren't surprised to hear of Smedley's alleged illegal operation.

They work with the transgender community and say silicone injections from non licensed trans- and cis-gendered people are all too popular.

McMillan says, "I've actually witnessed incidents when trans- and cis-gendered individuals have used silicone injections and have disfigured themselves."

Budd adds, "It's a quick fix in terms of getting cheeks, breast, hips when they're doing commercial sex work, and it's about how to look appealing, so they take the risk to make the money, and unfortunately it's cost some lives in the process and some trans- and cis-gendered people are still disfigured."

Authorities suspect K_______ has been injecting people for years.

It isn't clear how many injections s/he's performed, but records show s/he has had more than 100 separate stays at Marriott Hotels in a 16-month period begining in early May 2011.

A lot of her/his business was word of trans- and cis-gendered mouth.

K_______ is free on bail in C_____ while a throbbing pulsing federal probe continues.