Friday, February 18, 2005

Artpool Fluxus Bucks Posted by Hello

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Anonymous said...

i'm surprised no one has commentned
on this as yet. there was a major
poetry centred "eternal network"
that spanned the coasts

wee it they posted this bill?

too busy to think about it! but maybe
someone knows? normally i determine
what is factual by playing heavy
rollback music it's sa kind of
reverse heavy beat often multiple guitars

and keep leeking out what milleseconds
of life, while continuing to wonder
about the undecidable circumstance

a crazy irony occured while writing this

it is winter but not that cold a night
and ive had the fan blowing out to clear
the smoke - well there is now a strong
skunk smell so i was searching for my
cat she's very cautious of snow (hates
snow) so i and certainly hadn't
seen her concern with the window
but a skunk batle could have been
what turned out so badly 2 years ago

right here tho under the chair

who knows what the skunk sprayed at
and now that i'm not worried about
the lion it's not that bad a smell
or it's passing quickly strange moment
to open the window i guess