Saturday, February 12, 2005

typewriter screaming

textual legend, exchange inter-
views, a copy to hold onto,
as it is, electric flesh, glass
spiral, drum lit, comp zen,
zen calculations, junk lines,
marked enuf, sign the letter,
a pile of stones, pen heat,
the diff is, margins margins
margins, how's the sitch, the
colour gray, within the wind-
ow, art versus biz, seprate,
dayglo copy, original rubber
stamp impression, let us do
the mailart, en ham cement,
sourire, poele, pingue otium,
coleus, positional vertigo,
let us crush the infamous
one, four point nine seven
five million, still fallow,
the math never gets done,
the e-word, a wall of concrete
slabs eight metres high,
seam line, empire of the
mind, holds no truck, the
political artist, reading
capital, trance capital,
capitalogic, still calculate,
rarerar, chaotic youth,
sup up, still to late, art
you can touch, this text
is urgent, before we enter
the scene, co-mix, write a
map, can't afford to join,
poiuytre, contact maintain,
zubba, contact has been
lost, treat the unit as
a unit, text as image,
potential map, not
looking to win, add you,

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