Thursday, February 03, 2005

does anyone know who did this? i've seen it everywhere! Posted by Hello


Ed Giecek said...

I'm guessing... But I think it was A-1 Wastepapers?

drosspriddle said...


The mail peace stamp you asked about is the work of Chuck Welch AKA
the Cracker Jack Kid. Originally done for a fax project in Yugoslavia back
'94-5. No fooling.

Reed [Altemus]

Ruud Janssen said...

Correct. Chuck Welsh made beautiful artistamps. He also wrote a book on mail-art (title: Eternal Network - A mail art anthology , isbn: 1-895176-27-1). First published: 1995. In the 90-ies it was difficult to send traditional mail to our friends in Yusoslavia. And for a fax project this was created. It survived. Also because Dobrica Kamperelic copied and distributed the stamps, as well as others.