Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mozart Playing Hockey (an open letter to dfb)

"dude!" give us more of this:

Impossible Utterance #7 Posted by Picasa

give us more of this:


give us more tattered posters! give us more chlamydia! give us more sharp corners!

but, please, for your own sake, as well as the sake of "outsider" poetry in general, cut out the hate! cut out the "critique"! i hate to say it, man, but you're coming across as a "retard" (and i use the word knowingly) ... leave the blahblahblah to the blahblahblahers, leave it to them that have their phds in blahblahblahing, you're not gonna beat 'em at their own game, teach 'em by doing not saying


dfb said...

i have no problem with the word retard – grown up in a family with one, was call one more than once (the dyslexia- thing) but frankly getting life lesson from a mail art guy – that’s retarded.

maybe you should not concern yourself with my actives. i certainly have not suggesting that i talk for you (or anyone at all, except myself, if you are referring to the “outsider” comments elsewhere – that whole discussion is about something that happened in a very specific time and place – you are not include in with that group). best you go back to collecting your bottle caps

dfb said...

ps i hate hockey and i hate mozart

Anonymous said...

mozart would have liked hockey

the wulitzer the organ

de da da daa, oh ya

violin sense