Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Gretzky writing a symphony

Daniel F. Bradley Posted by Picasa

Daniel, let me apologize for dropping the word "retard" it was uncalled for. All i am trying to say is that your dyslexia is both a gift and a curse. Because if your dyslexia plays a part in helping you create work like the above, then it is decidedly a gift. On the other hand, if it's your dyslexia that makes you write garbled hate-filled "criticisms" then it's a curse. Stick with the concrete. Fuck the criticism. It will all wash out in time. how old is this piece above? 1997? older? 80s? who cares? the point is it's a great piece of art with lasting value. who's going to remember the bile you slung (except in a general way ie. "oh, that asshole") in five years? ten?

one thing that can be said for mail-art is it's a paradigm of toleration (and almost (but not quite) a hate-free zone)

as to the bottlecaps, i admit it's pretty pathetic, but i started it with my son, and he was the real driving force there for a while... ie. i did it out of love (which as a new parent i'm sure you can appreciate)

anyway, MORE CONCRETE! (less bile! please!)


dfb said...

gretzky couldn’t suck bruckner’s cock - even in hell - and even if bruckner wanted him to

a hate free zone. man try a brain free zone. mail art is art with out any desertions and judgment . I don’t have time or the patience for that. for every al ackerman , or even yourself there are 1000 who use a stamp that always has the words “MAIL ART” on it, stamp it on the worst possible collage or some thing stupid they found and then they have a big signature all over it. no thanks

re the piece it’s early 90’s was published but i never got a copy (i have seen it) of the magazine – oh the joy’s of the network, letteratset is hard to come by now so i’m trying to work with the computer – but it’s slow process

yea i know dyslexia has a curse in it. i believe that when i was under stress i got to speak the
exact opposite of what i meant for the first 10- 15 years.

sorry i’m just not going to feel bad about what say.

i mention the bottle caps because obsessions are a pretty heavy weight to carry around – sure i could have a blog like most, put up good news, like were i’m reading next or here is my new poem, but blogs have become the new mail art and I’m not liking what i see and it’s time to clear out my poetic gallstones.

ross noticed i’m not tell you to stop what you are doing and be more critical or even be critical, it’s your job to fill your space – i didn’t ask for your advice

Anonymous said...

for how long has your son
been drinking then?

kemeny babineau