Monday, January 30, 2006

where you find it

ad in canada's national newspaper Posted by Picasa

here's a nice bit of visual poetry as found in The Globe and Mail for Sat. Jan. 28, 2006 (p. A12) (Alberta Edition) ....hmmm, maybe there's careers to be had in vispo, eh? funny thing too, because i was recently blogging about damian lopes who, if i remember correctly, was working on a website for the very same advertiser as here! maybe he had a hand in this?

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Anonymous said...

you got that right,
no one does vispo like the globe&mail

the middle class would have it no
other way

and really, thats what they were
all working toward, going back to
john curry, john riddel,
all the way back to michaux

better ads in the globe & mail

well we've made it, sold out completely

the globe & mail, radio ads
with a british accent