Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mike Dickau
1528 40th St.
Sacramento, CA

Who's your favourite artistamper? I know who mine is! You have to look close to see which of Mike's stamps on the envelope here are real!

Envelope jam-packed with stamps & addnpasses & postcards &c.

with "work" by everyone from Dostoyevsky to Mike Dickau: including: Andre Breton, Stickerdude Joel Cohen, Ray Johnson, Ham, Maele, Nakamura, Gianni Simone, Thomas Kerr, Richard Avedon, Natassja Kinski, Ralph Nader, Moreno Menarin, Isao Yoshii, CZ Lovecraft, Tamara Wyndham, John Held Jr., & David Gilhooly!

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RF Côté (reg) said...

Dear Ross, received the book BRAIN IN THE MAIL. This is very generous and I thank you very much. I must admit, I've been looking for that one for quite a while!
About Sthe mailart call Something Material, are you moving to Windsor? Because all correspondance is going to Gustve's place.. I'll will certainly participate. Again many thanks!

drosspriddle said...

Thanks Reg!

Good to hear it got thru!

The "Something Material" show is taking place at Common Ground Gallery in Windsor (where Gustave Morin is the administrator) I'm just organizing/facilitating the show, not actually moving to Windsor! Although I am hoping to make it for the opening (at least)