Thursday, February 19, 2009

Scott Helmes!

also from Scott: a copy of "delta...Revue internationale pour poesie experimentale..." Numero 25, decembre 2008

with work by Tim Gaze!, Paolo Badini, Guy R. Beining, John M. Bennett, Scott Hermes [sic, but i like it!], Julien Blaine, Shin Tanabe & Dimosthenis Agrafiotis [be forwarned that the essays & plain text poems are all in Japanese!]

here's a link:


One more thing from Scott: a copy of Rain Taxi: Review of Books (Vol. 13, No. 4, Winter 2008/2009) 64 pages, (includes a review by Jeff Hansen of "Visual Poetry in the Avant Writing Collection", ed. John M. Bennett)

here's a link: RAIN TAXI

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