Friday, February 13, 2009

This is the back cover of:
Filling Station Presents: the collectives collection #1

with work by "Jonathan Ball, Derek Beaulieu, James Dangerous, ryan fitzpatrick, Laurie Fuhr, Samuel Garrigo Meza, Jocelyn Grosse, Helen Hajnoczky, Colin Martin, ross priddle, Jennifer Spruit" (which leads me to ask: when did Derek Beaulieu make the jump into caps & leave me and ryan in the dust?) & special thanks to Laurie Fuhr for getting this into my hands despite my seemingly avoiding all fS events like the plague!

awesome design by!

Laurie also passed along the three most recent issues of filling Station (#s 42, 43, 44) more info here: FILLINGSTATION (yeah, it's true, despite being on the poetry collective at fS i managed to miss three issues!

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