Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Capital is dead labour, which lives vampire like by sucking in living labour, and lives the more it sucks in." - Karl Marx

back cover of Upping The Anti #3


(thanks to David Tighe)


Anonymous said...

Capital is GOD.

The flesh is just bio diesel.

Humanity is Goose Liver Patte'.

The only spiritual or material value that is good is liquid Capital. The earth and all in it is just for Capital to digest.

Anonymous said...

haha, Truman, trapping you is like taking candy from a baby. Don't you recognize a tarbaby when you see one?

Anonymous said...

Ross. If I put my name on stuff you might not post it. But if I act like I'm trying to hide you usually post it. Many people complain you don't print both sides of mail art post cards etc. You are know as being par-snickity. You are like a bar that checks ID. But still I'll pretend to be anonomous just to put you to work. It helps aggrandizement the mood. Now you'll probably BLACK LIST ME.

drosspriddle said...

Hey, i'm an "editor," what can i say? I get hundreds of pages of documents... I should scan every page?