Thursday, December 02, 2010

Ron Emolo
231 E 22nd St
Paterson, NJ

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Anonymous said...

Who you tink you is Rawst Pridduhs.

drosspriddle said...

well, that all depends on who's askin'

who's askin'?

Anonymous said...

Tyrone Sykes. 1200E. Avalon Way, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2 34A.

Dats whose axin'. Who you tink you is Rawst Pridduhs?

You mus tink you is Mel Brooks or Woody Allens.

Woody Allens?

drosspriddle said...

Is that you Truman? You should come join us on facebook... then I won't have to "approve" all you comments...!

Anonymous said...

A Rahst. You neeeds tuh gits you uh snow mobile so you can go ridin' wiff Kevins and Lacy.
Nimbuh. You met them at the ALTRUSA CLUB POETRY JAMBOREE back in May.