Sunday, December 05, 2010

Kelly Sutherland [back cover of the latest issue of filling Station (#48) thanks to Laurie Fuhr (Managing Editor). #48 also includes work by Jill Battson, Guy R. Beining, Gregory Betts, Zachary Buck, Laura Close, Devon Code, Dennis Cooley, James Dangerous, Stephanie Lis Davis, Jim Johnstone, Kye Kocher, Beth Langford, Jun K. Lee, Paul Margach, David Martin, rob mclennan, Ian Orti, Helen Polychronakos, Shannon Rayne, Robyn Read, Mike Spry & Jennifer Spruit.


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Anonymous said...

Ren and Stempy on that pipe.
Just refried beans.
Turn the sound down.
The KHY-COUGH-PHONY is redundant.