Friday, September 16, 2011

addnpass from Jason Berlin, Eric Langolff, Luigino Solamito &

Karen Wood
PO Box 756
Big Bear Lake, CA


Anonymous said...

Columbus Georgia mentally ill families would be an appropriate title for this collage. It shouts COLUMBUS GEORGIA INBRED FAMILIES ARE MENTALLY ILL, so why not call this work of art COLUMBUS GEORGIA INBRED MENTALLY ILL FAMILIES.

Asociation for the study of Columbus Georgia Inbred Families mentally Ill


3219 Carden Drive
Columbus Georgia

Ever wondered why Columbus Georgia has such a high rate of mental Illness. It is from family inbreeding.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a high school yearbook cover from some mega school where no one knows more than a few people because it keeps growing and people keep transferring in and out. Like an ocean washing up trash on the shore. Pink Floyd brick in the wall nauseum. Anyone who likes or sings pink floyd brick in the wall lyrics can not be trusted. They are worse than redneck bullies who like the Blues Brothers.

Anonymous said...

Redneck bullies, like the one who bullied Bobby Watson?