Friday, September 09, 2011

P.O. Box 4616
Clearwater, FL

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Anonymous said...

Thompson knows. Forget Hannah Hoch. Fluxus pin heads, the NOW is relevant. Thompson is now. People with no talent or mojo live in the past. Real art is right now. Go join Ray Johnson right now if you can't accept the now. Look at Thompson's collages. They reflect your soul. They tell on you. They say, SEE IT IS HERE! But you like the name checking of the dead men's bones. Thompson is now. Thompson creates collages every day. He has for thirty years. Right now he is creating a collage. While you sleep he is creating a collage, yet you all want Hannah Hoch rubber stamps. It never occured to you to make a Thompson rubber stamp. That is because you can't control or speak for Thompson. You love dead artists because you can speak for them. Right now you can't speak to Hannah Hoch. You can speak to Thompson, but your jealous vanity prohibits you. You are all the same. Real nowhere men. Obsessed with dead art and dead artists. You all make art an irrelevant drag. You all degrade art. But Thompson is real and Thompson reads THE NEWSLETTER.