Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Addnpass from Jim Leftwich, Mete Sarabi, Olchar Lindsann, Tim Ellis, Thompson, Jonkari Alex Nu-jetson, &

C.Z. Lovecraft
26 Orlando Dr.
Westport, MA


Anonymous said...

Just letting you know the reason I haven't been sending you any mail art or commenting lately is I haven't been feeling well. I'm working on getting my blodd pressure medicine regulated. Been drinking lots of fluids. For a few days I was feeling like a tick. The doctor told me to slow down and rest a few days. It was 180/103. Anyway it is better. 10mg Lisinopril. Gotta cut back on salt too. I knew my blood pressure was way up because I felt inflated and confused and I would start crying and I had to lay down a lot. I think the Lisinopril is getting it regulated. This computer is even more raggedy. The e-mail won't open sometimes. Also the printer isn't working and I lost the printer set up disc. Just thought I would let you know. Keep posting cool art.

drosspriddle said...

I'm sure my blood pressure is thru the roof too, but I ain't never gonna check it...! You can probably find the driver for your printer online somewheres...?

Anonymous said...

Mine was 180 over 103. This is day three of the back on LISINOPRIL. I can tell it is helping. My doctor told me if I don't take it I could die or end up in a wheel chair. I was feeling really bad. Puffy and crying from it, the blood pressure, so even with the doctor telling me that I could tell I was going in a bad health direction so now I am listening and going to take the medicine regularly. It is from the WALMART PHARMACY and only costs about $4.00. You should use the free arm check automatic machine they have in pharmacys. If your's is high make a doctor appointment. I might buy a new cheap printer. This one is old and the gears are getting crusty. It isn't worth the trouble to get it going again.