Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cheryl Penn (South Africa)



Anonymous said...

Charles Bukowski was greezy. Sweaty. And stinky. In order to discuss him you are obliged to be the same.

Anonymous said...

GRAFFITI ART. Graf-fitty artists feel powerful and proud when they create an elaborate TAG on a wall. They THINK they own it. But it is NOT THEIR WALL. The wall is owned by whoever paid for the land and building. So the ART by the graffiti punk is no different than if they applied their excrement or urine. To put graffiti artists in their place think MEEEEEERRY CHRISTMAS! Buy lovely thin glass christmas ornaments at thrift stores and flea markets. Any dark or bright paint you find in old cans in the garbage or stacked on the side of the road for trash pick up pour the contents into old plastic soda bottles through a taped on paper quickie made funnel. Store the paint this convenient way. Then make little cute paper funnels and tape them to the opening in the top of the glass ornament after you remove the hook cap tree hanger on the ornament. When filled drizzle candle wax over the top to seal it. Carefully store the paint filled ornaments in a box. When you see SPECIAL GRAFFITI ART on walls as you walk by *****************************. Looks like *****************. POOF! Far more fun than paintball. This takes GRAFFITI to a higher intellectual plateau. THIS HAS BEEN A FICTION STORY BY ZOZEEZO ZADFRACK.

Also all these silouette creator novelty stencil-spray painters. Why not create VILLIAN IMAGE stencils. The best art is the "NO!" ART the art people say NO to. Which is stylish but not crude. There is a difference between it and just being a worthless freak. So keep it on a cool mojo level of BAD ASS. No stale lame art please. Anyone can create LAME.