Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mike Dyar / Eat Art
P.O. Box 880417
San Francisco, CA


Anonymous said...

(This does not pertain to this artist I just wanted to tell you about my new project.)

I carry a small bottle of orange super cleaner. Whenever I am in public I grab paper towels and scrub clean any surface that has graffiti on it. Also I have asked business owners and they allow me to paint out graffiti on their buildings. The glorious fun is obliterating graffiti. Leaving a pristine polished shiny brand new painted surface. Also any mail art I get I think is ugly I tear it up and put it in the trash. It has to pass my standard or it doesn't exist. I am creating a new art movement which finds joy in destroying mediocre art. Art is like a public restroom. When I walk in and see full bowls of PI%% and SH%% I take my foot and flush the handles. I call this art form FLUSH ART.

TRUMAN BENTLEY JR. he is your mother!

Anonymous said...

Mike's art is so cool. I wish he would put out more so we all could collect his fabulous works. He is lovely and a wonderful true mail artist. His works should be in a book or museum. He is so cutting edge and original.

Anonymous said...

When Mike looks away the lightening always strikes. When he looks for the lightening it never does.

Anonymous said...

Ross. The following has nothing to do with this particular poster. I just am uuuuusing this spot to tell you the following.

I'm going to make up tone sounding names to call stuff to make it sound like it is something. I think I shall start calling my hut I live in THE CENTRE FOR ASEMIC ART AND TRANSIENT MOTIF. Or perhaps


Or maybe I should just call myself a one word name. I think I'll sign all my art simply


It is important that I give myself AFFIRMATIONS. I think, even though I am a man, I could help myself by signing my one word art name LeBron on a panty shield and wear it affixed to my relaxed accordian pry-een-yus in order to feel more emasculated. By emasculating myself constantly I can become a true lichen in the art forest. This makes me real. Velvet and acceptable.