Saturday, October 20, 2012

Victor Dada Industries
5 Willow Street
Dartmouth, MA


Anonymous said...

The remaining pieces of the cartoon character "JOT", found in a cheap white plastic chair after years of cartoon neglect and abandonment.

Anonymous said...

Bela Lugosi turned down the role of Frankenstein. Boris Karloff got the role and nearly eclipsed Dracula. The same for "JOT". Jot had gotten famous with his cartoons and turned down the role of DAVEY. Davey got huge acclaim. Remember, in life there are either Bela or Boris, JOT or DAVEY. Some say JOSIE AND THE PUSSY CATS out shine DAPHNE AND VELMA. But remember, be you BEIBER or TIMBERLAKE, all NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK are soon forgotten. Unless of course you are a MONKEE.