Friday, October 26, 2012

Sky City
164 26th St. SW
Hickory, NC


Anonymous said...

PERFORM THE RITUAL. Focus your intense VOODOO Ross. Power up the power of Satan. Satan LUCIFER IS LORD and the other gods are ring worms. Devote the power of your every breath each day weakening the church through ridicule which is CREAMY! Don't fall for MANNA FILTH. Satan offers his chosen STEAKS AND BAKED POTATOES. Teach people to scrape the mud off their shoes on images and the words of the other gods of all other religions. For SATAN is the best of all FASHION for he alone is always LOOKING GOOD and IN STYLE! Each October hold a RITUAL HEX CHAIN to generate psychic telepahy to make all foods of feasts held by all other religions to spoil like old milk. WORSHIP THE DEVIL SATAN! PRAISE HIM FOR HE ALONE IS THE ONLY WORTHY TRUE GOD! ALL OTHERS ARE TUMBLEWEEDS IN THE GUTTER. They are TOILET FROTH. Beginning October 1st each year MIND FOCUS to generate spoiled food.

drosspriddle said...

I think I might begin September 1st if it's all the same to you... see if I can take the fun out of Feast Of Tentacles next year.