Thursday, November 29, 2012

rob mclennan, ed. - Peter F. Yacht Club #17, with poetry by Cameron Anstee, Stephen Collis, Anita Dolman, Amanda Earl, Laurie Fuhr, Lea Graham, Marilyn Irwin, Ben Ladouceur, Kirya Marchand, rob mclennan, Peter Norman, Sean Moreland, Pearl Pirie, Roland Prevost, Monty Reid, Janice Tokar, & Vivian Vavassis.

rob mclennan
402 McLeod St., Apt. 3
Ottawa, ON
K2P 1A6


Anonymous said...

Attention all women! It is time to bathe. You are neglecting your hygiene.

Anonymous said...

SELF CASTRATION the perfection all women should.

Anonymous said...

Start watching reruns of the TV show "TOMA". Also "THE GOVERNOR AND PJ". If you do you'll verify that you are a piece of yarn dukey.