Saturday, November 10, 2012


I hear ya, Stratu, I had to go cold turkey on something myself recently, not fun. 


Anonymous said...

You both must enjoy tobacco pleasure. Buy rolling paper and a big can of pipe tobacco. Smoke like a furnace. Embrace the PUFF.

Anonymous said...

Ross. I have been cyber attacked. My second printer fried. Brand new. Computer won't print anything I type. Also getting on line to answer or send e-mail is fried. So I'll hand write the Newsletter and only send hand written messages. No more computer. At first I thought it was out of ink. Wasted money on cartridges. But it was goons monkeywrenching. So the Newsletter is going to be hand written from here on. All further transmissions shall be by hand written paper and handwritten photo copied Newsletters. Actually the croaking of the computer might make the art even better.