Friday, November 16, 2012

Truman Bentley Jr.
3219 Carden Drive
Columbus, GA

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Anonymous said...

$43.00 bought super ink cartridge and two packs of paper. Just printed a master copy to go to the HUGE PRESS in town to print a new issue of THE NNNNNOOOOZE-LETTUH! Only worties shall receive it.

drosspriddle said...

That movie, "The Frightened Woman" was pretty crazy, Truman, thanks for suggesting it!

Anonymous said...

The psychological imperative of the main male character was empathetic-germaine to Ross' Asemic tear. Through certain select cultural Mephestopholian choice artifacts one can attain what Boyd calls THE VALUE OF TINY TIM. For TINY TIM'S SECOND ALBUM has much. The fold out cover features images of his beloved parents who he dedicates the waxing to.

Anonymous said...

Repetitive viewing and listening to certain audio and visual mixes creates intellectual strength which can be called upon on cue like a fart in a room in its power to captivate the attention of THE CROWD. For they thrive on FILTH especially in their mind. Inhaled in the blood stream they validate their thread bare, empty ID. I wrote this like this because it is not a Northern Song. Find A NORTHERN SONG and listen to it on quality headphones or decently loud if the neighbors won't hassle. Find the song now. Listen to the song for it is THE MEAT.

Anonymous said...