Wednesday, January 23, 2013

rob mclennan
402 McLeod St., Apt. 3
Ottawa, ON
K2P 1A6


Anonymous said...

Rawst Prihduhs. I got this little envelope today. Had these weird black and white figures on sticker decals inside like they designed for tagging or slapping on hipster locals etc. Like the giant posse head is. On it, each sticker, there is like a ska blues brothers cartoon character man. Said www.FACTION OF THE on them. On the back of one handwritten it said Hey TBJ check out our web site if you have a few minutes you might like what we are doing. I kinda googled around but my pewter keepted sayin' I need to install adobe and other stuff. I couldn't get one thing to open plus I'm LD and never got on Facebook. Check these people out. They might be interesting. I'd write them back but they had no address on their envelope. If they are Mona Lisa or somebody, maybe let me know. I'm all Idiot Savant with technologies. I need uh new pewter. Let me know what they is. What they BE. These


drosspriddle said...

Seems to be mostly crazy video collages, not unlike yours.