Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Susan Poe, ed. - Popular Reality: Special Report (vol. 786, #18). Cover by Al Ackerman. Includes work by Sky City, Eerie Billy Haddock, Musicmaster, John M. Bennett, Neal Wilgus, Thompson, Sarah Connor, Dervish, Riddle Management, Truman Bentley Jr., Benny Pilcher, Malok, & Francisco M. Duran.

$3 to:

Popular Reality
PO Box 18
Poultney, VT

"Fucks with your mind, 'till you come to your senses." 


Anonymous said...

I think too much mail art recently has fed the patio grill lately, yes, carbon. So I shall allow much future mail art to defect to Canada. It shall. The grill shall cook steaks and hamburquesas for a while. Yes. Um hum.

Anonymous said...

Truman's article is the best thing in this issue. We love Truman!

Anonymous said...

Truman is nutritious. Truman is delicious! He smells like DEER COY.

Anonymous said...

No postings lately. Is your scanner broken? Lots of new material sent your way. New Aponte stuff.

Mr. Personality said...

Looks interesting. I've fallen out of grace with the great Facilitator/Assassinator, Sue Poe, so I don't get 'em free any more. Not sure I'd part with $3 for it. Her dog, Lea, probably needs the biscuits, though. It's a hard call. I'll have to sleep on it. Wonder how ol' Blaster's doin'. Hope he hasn't had any more strokes.