Sunday, October 05, 2014


Truman, I've been listening to this gamelan cd for DAYS! It's driving me insane!


Anonymous said...

I will listen to it. You should listen to these albums a lot.

1. PIL Second Addition. Listen to it more than the next two.

2. PIL The Flowers Of Romance.

3. PIL Paris Au Pretimps/pretemps, check spelling.

Anonymous said...

The tone is ANVIL and hammer. After burning things on the patio grill I often hammer metal to create digging tools. Odd shapes I then weld to steel bars. An old spade welded to a bar makes a great fence post digging tool. All my life I have created the tonal qualities of GAMELAN music. I recently shortened a lawn mower blade to fit a smaller mower. I used a disc grinder. Then hammered it creating the tones. These tones align Chakras. At a recent WHOLE EXPO a lady from Montreal discussed on camera with me SOUND RESONANCE. She used tones to alter sand on drum skins.Like HAARP ELF FREQUENCY MODULATION. Aponte sent me lots of rare films on THE MOOG and THERIMIN. John Cage stuff. Some rare keroauc B&W films too. Anyway, Ravi Shankar and Indian music played eight hours straight is great for the DICK too. Locally Ft.Benning G.I. retirees dump lots of rare vinyl LPs in thrift stores. Stuff from Indonesia, Bali, Thailand. I'll send you some mixes. It helps plants grow too.

Anonymous said...

Second Edition not Second Addition.