Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Truman Bentley Jr.
3219 Carden Drive
Columbus, GA


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ARTIST. The definition is LOSER. The greatest loser in the history of the world was an artist. He was from Linz. His lover was named Kubizek.

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I am building little hex-curse boxes. Inside I write the name of peoples' loved ones who have passed. Then I bury the box in a very evil spot. Like where an infant was ejected from a car seat against a tree, or where a blind man was hit and thrown to a ditch while crossing the road. Once the LOVED ONE'S name is in the soil the SIGNAL is received DOWN BELOW IN HELL and THE DEVIL MAKES TRADES to GET THESE PEOPLE OUT OF PURGATORY and have them sent DIRECTLY TO HIM IN HELL. These mini boxes are being created fast as they can be made. Everyone deserves LOVED ONES to feel the eternity of infinite hell, alone, sad, hopeless FOREVER AND EVER detached from god. Everyone should create LOVED ONE BOXES and put peoples' loved ones' names on paper inside and bury them in an evil spot. Also if you wish to embrace SATAN you should find a spot where something evil happened like a LAST BREATH SPOT where a car wreck ejected person slowly faded because the AM-LANCE didn't get there in time. Visit the spot. Sit there right where the LAST BREATH happened and absorb the EVIL ENERGY into your tail bone. Sit there until your tail bone aches. That means you absorbed some SATAN ENERGY. Go home and colour a red dot on your tail bone with a permanent MAGICK MARKER. Then dress and go out in the world and have a steak dinner. You'll glow with radiant Satanic Lather. Get a used SALT LICK block cows have licked on from a pasture. With your RED DOT TAIL BONE crawl up to the salt block nikid with your eyes closed and lick it and pretend it is SATAN'S SALTY BALLS. Or better yet imagine you are fleeing SODOM AND GOMMOREAH and you are licking that woman who looked back, her back side or her purn-gent front pouch. As you salivate on the brine and cow slobber encrusted block which rethickens to a froth in your gum line envision you are tastin' Mary's bottom areas. This short story was brought to you by friends of THE NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS and SATAN'S SALTY BALLS.