Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Susan Poe, ed. - Popular Reality: Special Report (vol. 786, #17) with work by The Haddock, Thompson (in colour), Blaster Al Ackerman, "The Sound of Silence" from The Sovereign, Stuff on "Synthetic Telepathy," work by Dervish, Truman Bentley Jr., DKA Post, Francisco M. Duran, Kobb Labs., Musicmaster & John M. Bennett collab in full colour, a poem by Neal Wilgus, & some politics by Darryl W. Perry.

$3 (firm) to:

Susan Poe
PO Box 18
Poultney, VT


Anonymous said...

This ZIGN is gggggreat!

Anonymous said...

Read this Zine and enjoy the oils.