Tuesday, June 11, 2013

PO BOX 2655
34230 USA

[courtesy of Truman Bentley Jr.]


Anonymous said...

There has never been a female artist. Something is WRONG with the minds of women who try to create art. Women should be placed in THE NERVOUS HOSPITAL if they try and create art. The best place for women is below decks on an industrial fishing boat plucking bones from fish and squeezing fish paste into fish sticks. Sort of like that episode of THE LUCY SHOW where Lucy packed those boxes of chocolates on the conveyor belt. Women are flibitty gibbitty just like LUCY. Women think they are MARY TYLER MOORE or RHODA or MAUDE but no they are LUCY. Say HUSH! to women when they get going talking too much. Say HUSH WOMAN! HUSH! Practice this. It is very similar to dog training techniques of SHORT COMMANDS. Say HUSH! HUSH WOMAN! HUSH! Don't make me have to get me a SWITCH!

Anonymous said...

yeah, that'll get ya laid. not that you need it, i'm sure.