Thursday, November 24, 2011

What do you think of the work of Deleuze and Guattari, Truman?


Anonymous said...

Man since his origins has swallowed up himself. From Neanderthal to Cromagnon until today. Mau mau or Irish Catholics vs Protestants. In WWI & II Submarines brought Germans hauling Irish to battle the english. Celts, Anglos, Saxons. Point is man operates off of his primal clique immediate peer group identity. Politics break down always due to this. Yugoslavia balkanized after TITO. Think about it. If it were in man's nature to COOPERATE on a moral plane-plain higher than ethnicity the Soviet Union would have worked. They had land, resources and genius and power to enforce it. Now they are dominated internally on ethnic lines. Che' thought Satre' was the way. Man having that ALL PEOPLE ARE GOOD Anne Frank hope. The religionists believe SIN is a part of man. That view actually works on many levels. As we move forward in time ANTI OEDIPUS currents are surfacing as Latin power emerges in psychiatry displacing cosmopolitan rooted jewish intellectualism. Freud was right as long as his field was whatever he was playing. Now the new teams say they see things through soccer. Man has come further in 300years than in his entire existence. So it seems he is still hard wired to fight and fuck the same way. Urbanization is creating sexual ambiguity so who is to say which will win out. Crafty interior decorating or urban gangstas. You study Gilles Deleuze not Gilles de Rais. Your Guattari is not someone elses Guattan. Or Schlomoe Joe. Maybe geopolitics are the root of all survival thinking philosophies. There is no real repition just adjustments constantly to changing environments. Deleuze couldn't be all that far off seeing he picked a wife named FANNY. Today we have more female gender power. That is going to alter the course too. The power of the female. Also no longer supressed gays. There are so many factors. Maybe natural disasters reboot the ebb and flow of man. Maybe the THEOSOPHISTS are right and we have been through this all before in Atlantis. The real question regarding all politics and philosophy is WHY are YOU choosing to spend time studying it. It is the same as a CARD COUNTER in a casino. No different really. Similar motivation. To arrive at personal levels of aggrandizement in order to create personal satisfaction in personal existence. All of this popped out of my head as I typed. So that answers another question. Is Genius and stupidity programmed by the GODS into the tide pool. Harold Bloom. Maybe Harold bloom.

Anonymous said...

Ross. Thompson gets wordy often because he ASSUMES those he knows knows all he knows so you might not spot all the great stuff he knows because of this at first but the more you reread what he says the more you pick up. If you ask Thompson about his COSMOGRAPHY OF THOUGHT he might point you in some new directions. The more you listen to Thompson the more cool stuff appears from his LIBRARY ASHRAM. He also has cool mix audios. It just slipped my mind but the cool guy who gave us free copies of his book is a cool thinker. He had a huge collection of TASCHEN books too. You know who knows him. He read at the Fluxus event. He was there. Ask his name. I misplaced his book and my tired mind has alzheimered his name. Thompson knows a lot of cool thinkers too. kobb knows cool thinkers too. Ask. It'll sort of be like asking about any new punk music. Ask STRATU about the MU MESONS. Ask him to send you the video. You are on the acedemia rail. There are two more rails.