Friday, August 31, 2012

Letter from Thompson.

Courtesy of:

Truman Bentley Jr.
3219 Carden Drive
Columbus, GA


Anonymous said...

This letter discusses the specific steps to start and fly a VENUVIAN SPACE CRAFT. Detailed translation of the VENUVIAN LANGUAGE PICTOGRAPHS on the control panels of the GRAVITY BREAKING GLOCKE GENERATOR. Ross. There is a VENUVIAN SHIP under the ice skating pond on the outskirts of Calgary by the MIKE MYERS FAT BASTARD HUNTING CLUB. If you cut a hole in the ice and wear a breathing tube and wet suit you can swim to the front under door panel. Do this as soon as the ice sets the pond solid. Summer pond algae shall be eaten by the fish then and the water shall be clear. Use the Thompson letter to start the craft and move it from the pond to a more secretive location. Fold roll the letter of instructions up and put it in a water proof aluminum cigar tube. Take it out when you get inside the craft. Once you start the display scan the Thompson letter so the VENUVIANS shall let you continue knowing you have been cleared by Thompson.

drosspriddle said...

hmmm, maybe you should have marked this: "TOP SECRET"?

Anonymous said...

Ross. Bring a package of single sheets of Al-u-minium foil to wrap up the SPUDS harvested from the skulls of THOSE WHO ARE WITHOUT. The VENUVIANS use human ignorance as a VEIN to grow more clones of "people" they leave on earth to follow through of things needing to be done. These CHICKEHEADS are all over the world. They smell either of CARBONA or GLUE and think they are tuned in but they are as common as flowers in the country.

Anonymous said...

VAST Space Alien Newsletters are being written now. The Transmissions from the Alien Beings are clear. The voices of the CADENCE can be heard. They shall be typed. Printed and sent. New images of the Space Alien hats and uniforms shall be explained. Reading the Newsletter shall be pure vegetable soup for all lacking folic acid.

thompson said...

holy crap! how did this get here?........and yes, some days are better than others, this was a good one...i steped in the do-add, again.

Anonymous said...

This treatise is pure MENUDO! The Transmissions from the ONE ROOM ASHRAM are truly BLATZ!