Thursday, August 23, 2012

Truman Bentley Jr.
3219 Carden Drive
Columbus, GA

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Anonymous said...

Luis Bunuel helped express through film the dream imagery of ants and horse carcuss dragging priests and nuns Salvador Dali often had. Later Mike Myers explored the dream ants in DIETER'S DREAM. Luis Bunuel is the greatest impetus behind Dali putting his mind images to paint. Mike Myer's CCCCARIBOU, DO YOU LIKE MY BREASTS?, TROUSER GALLERY, MY TEETH ARE FALLING OUT!, and ANTS! ANTS! ANTS! are a direct influence from Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali. To understand Dali you must understand fully DIETER and SPROCKETS.

Anonymous said...

I personally prefer the nude pangenderness of MORRISEY.