Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Only the followers of the Newsletter Religion are allowed to eat these as Holy Communion."

Truman Bentley Jr.


Anonymous said...

Ross. Paul Ryan used THE SPLYDUHMAN PLOSTUH ON THE WALL OF THE BASEMENT OF THEY MOMMAH HOW from The Newsletter. Read each back issue for the last year especially. Truman Bentley Jr. invented the leit motif. Republicans and liberals have been reading the Newsletter for years. They often consult Truman Bentley Jr. for direction. Truman Bentley Jr. graduated down the road from Sarah Palin in High School. Bad Press is printed in Anchorage. Many of his High School salon comrades now work in Hollywood and live in Seattle. Truman Bentley Jr. political-THINKERS ARE ALL OVER IN MANY POSITIONS OF POWER. Truman's uncle RED KING taught him how to ride a horse and kept his first pony for him on his farm. The Gestapo feared RED KING. Putzi Haenstngel's wife taught Truman's German teacher ballet. Truman's grandfather had the patent on the first TANK helmets for General Patton. Truman's uncle was on the honor guard of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. There is endless connections to Truman both far left and right, but Truman is in the middle, the voice of "Mad"eration. Truman is touched by THE GODS.

Anonymous said...

The Newsletter is "ASEMIC THOUGHT" translated into TRUMAN BENTLEY JR. English.

Anonymous said...

People take perfectly beautiful meals and turn it into dukey.