Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kiera Pannell
PO Box 42085
Montreal, QC
H2W 1A0



Anonymous said...

This Kiera got talent Ross Priddles. She sent me this one in blue. I'm getting my drink on. I'm lit. Just returned from a big sports event with a family member. Had to ACT NORMAL for three hours straight! It like-tuh-killed-meh! Now I'm lit on a box of chicken wings, three butter finger candy bars , a big silver can of Saporro beer, My big styrofoam cup of tea half empty from yesterday i had in the fridge the ching cawn restrunt woman who flirts wih mih gave mih. I just poured a half bottle of blackberry Maneschewitz in it. I'm LIT Ross Priddles cause no womemz love meh. Got uh broken heart Ross Priddles. Ihn tow up on liquor dranks. i'm drankin communion wine. Theo can't top that. No womenz llluv meh Ross Priddles. All my sytyuhtrists are money grubbin leaches on their schtick. They don't car. I'm just sad and tow up. And I still hate god to the end! Until the Alamo and Stalingrad I am NOT bowin'! Shemhamforash! HAIL TRUMAN! These liquor dranks! They got mih tow up! Ihn drunk Rawst Pridduhs! That 1:30 sytyuhtrist appointment today. He is a BLOOD SUCKER. hE DON'T GIVE UH FUT! bUT iHN SSSAVED BY MUH jap sapporo and my lEVINTINE MANESCHEWITZ BLACKBERRY wwwwWINE! iHN SELF MEDICATIN' rOSS pRIDDUHS1 dIE fAHNE hOCH! DIE rEIHEN fEST gESCHOSSEN. sa marschiern im rrrruhig festem schritt kamaraden die rot front und reacktion geschossen! marschierm im geist die tag fur brot bringt an! oH LORD i'M TRANCE MEDUMIN eRNST rOEHM! hOPR i DON'T HOMERSENTUAL TOO! aLL WOMEN DON'T LLLOVE MIH RAWST PRIDDUHS. All the women don't llluv mih. My heart broke rawst pridduhs. I tried rawst pridduhs. It wasn't good enough. No womenz lllove mih rawst pridduhs.

drosspriddle said...

Keep tryin' Truman, you will.

theo said...

“Theo can't top that.”

You’re right, Truman. Every time I go into a Catholic church to steal communion wine the priests chase me with hammers and stakes and screaming, “Vampire! Why dost thou accost us?!!”

I just wanted the wine. Their blood sucks the big one.

a lower-case, low-life, low-down art god.