Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What do you think of Gramsci, Truman?


Anonymous said...

Lenin had a stroke. Either chemically induced by opponents or naturally caused by stress. Being Lenin is enough to cause one to collapse. Now regarding your Sicilian-Albanian transplant he was the product of his COMFORTABLE SUFFERING. People develop their political outlook around their negative experiences. People remember every wrong in their life but can't name hardly any of the good things. The Albanian Red. He was also from a class conscious environment where action and reaction, communists and Capital forces were opposing each other. How many third party FIFTH COLUMNIST types funded and promoted each side against the Middle. Relevancy is always enhanced by THE NEW. Total NEW ideas are the only new HITS. Politics has to have MOJO to have any effect. Bill Ayers turning on his fuhrer. Bill O'Reilly says LEFT OR RIGHT far extremists always turn on their own. That is why you have to be in the MODERATE MIDDLE to get anywhere long term. Remember that episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE when that thick lensed bank teller was in the vault reading on his lunch hour and fell asleep. He emerged after the apocolypse to be the last man alive. So he started stacking can goods and books he wanted to read from the granite library that survived. Then he stumbled and broke his glasses. You do not have to break your glasses to be blind. Why name check the past to become expert on mistakes and their processes. Look for NEW ORGANIC GENIUS. TOTAL NEW in everything. You gotta find that sound. You gotta have MY SHARONA to have it played a billion times a day. You gotta GET THE KNACK FOR THE NEW. Like you say. NO REPETITION.

Anonymous said...

Anything spread too thin loses its flavor. Politics has to be the new TROUSER PRESS or CREEM MAGAZINE to be cutting edge. The masses ride in Volkswagens. The Elite in ROLLS ROYCES. Scarcity increases value. Public bathrooms are for the cattle. The masses are INGRATES. That is why amongst the masses Christ appeals best. Those who can see their lot in life seek refuge in god purity. They seek the PERFECT. No one wants weeds. No one wants a mutt. How much social action is just someone seeking a GOOD GUY BADGE.