Wednesday, October 26, 2011

what do you think of the work of Baudrillard, Truman?


Anonymous said...

Capitalist Globalization as he thought created reactions to it. The 99%ers of today claim they are the 99% of the MASSES and THOUGHT but they are really a small bunch like in BRAVE NEW WORLD the idiots who tried to take the SOMA TABLETS AWAY FROM THE PROLES. The trade center plane pilots are like VANDALS jealous the rich kid on the block has IT MADE so they slash his Camero tires at night, never dawning on them to WORK THEIR ASS OFF TO BUY THEIR OWN. The Frenchman cloistered with the perks of Academia, retirement check, union support, book royalties living on the PERKS Capitalism provides spits in its face like MICHAEL MOORE. In feudel days it was A LUXURY to be able to have FREE TIME to paint and write POEMS, that is why Kings had official court composers and artists. Same way Rockefeller had Diego Rivera paint the mural in Grand Central Station with slaves breaking chain shackles but made him paint out LENIN because that was too close to home pissing on his god CAPITAL. Like TED KENNEDY forcing integration on the masses of Boston but never integrating the cloistered world of his HAMPTONS, or KENNY-BUCK-PORT. Just like the 99%ers being all comfortable in the basement of their parents house and like the rich kid with the environmental stickers on his hand-me-down Jaguar from daddy in the film TWELVE MONKEYS they drive down the interstate to make noise on Wall Street. Ring-ring, "daddy bond me out" the minute they catch heat. Its like I said yesterday about THE VOLKSWAGEN and THE ROLLS ROYCE. Your Frenchman called it PRESTIGE and MUNDANITY. He got a camera in Japan. Started playing with it, and suddenly he was a PHOTOGRAPHER. Why? Because he was IN with the ACADEMICS. His thoughts were their thoughts. So they applaud his SUPER HERO COSTUME. Suddenly HE CAN FLY AND SHIT LIKE THAT. HE WAS NOT ONLY THIS, BUT HE WAS ALSO THAT they lllove to add VALIDATIONS to the ATTRIBUTES of who they say is WORTHY. That is why I say fuck you to all the mail artists and fluxus dada mother fuckers because they are over their heads in their own excrement. Like your FRENCHMAN said, their REALITY DIED OUT. And since he was interested in the fetishistic nature of purchases, check ot THE NEWS section on THE CHURCH OF SATAN web site. They have a posting for this month's HALLOWEEN ISSUE of OLD NICK MAGAZINE. You can view each page. You gotta see that magazine. The girl on the cover, though not as hot as the girl with the garters in the film ANGEL HEART she is still like an ICING ROSE on a BIRTHDAY CAKE. Just looking at her you want to EAT HER. Also check out the SEAN CONNERY "REAL MAN" comparison image in the back pages. They have a 99%er Wall Street Emo Protestor as a comparison. Just like I have been talking about. My prediction. Men shall start wearing pantyhose under their clothes in winter because they FEEL GOOD and KEEP YOU WARM. They they'll wear them with shorts every day. Its the coming next step in sexual ambiguity. Gender blending is secretly a form of BIRTH CONTROL. As more people inhabit the earth it is beneficial to ELIMINATE all ideas that lead a person to be able to grasp the concept of WHO OR WHAT THEY ARE. Like John Lennon's song. ABOVE US ONLY SKY/NO HELL BELOW US, it eliminates the concept of RIGHT AND WRONG. Rule of law shall be replaced by the concept SHIT HAPPENS. Suicide pills shall become on par with Birth Control Pills, both available over the counter. Cemetaries are a waste of land along with cremations. Both pollute the environment and waste energy. People shall become food stuff. SOYLENT GREEN. Was this good enough for something written with one finger typing off the top of my head? I don't even remember what all I said. Instead of bunny ears draw a pair of PANTYHOSE and call them FLUXUS HOSE as men shall be in FLUX. ARE WE NOT MEN? WE ARE THE HOSE! FLUXUS HOSE. FLUXUS HOSE.

Anonymous said...

An Edmonton WINNERS store rejected an autistic child and her SERVICE DOG twice. It reflects the demeanor of the PEOPLE OF EDMONTON. If they want to eject people they should go eject THE 99%ers who are jealous blood suckers who want to STEAL what in NOT THEIRS from hard working innovative CAPITALISTS. Poverty comes from LAZINESS. The laziness of SELF. If you are poor. IT IS YOUR FAULT. You lack CHUTZPAH and so you can't get anyone to buy lemonade from your stand. You might just stink. If you stink then you deserve to camp out in urban settings. Park benches at night and if you are hungry pull out a tooth and use it in a sling shot to BOP OUT A PIDGEON in the park. Picnic grills are there. Roast your pigeon with pine cones. Pigeons are good. Invite THEO to bring the WHINE, I mean wine. Then once drunk dance around on the corner in a bed sheet with a tamborine and a donation cup and collect hand outs. Get you some BISKIT MONEY. Then drop your lysergic and join THEO in visions of PEPPERLAND. But watch out for the BLUE MEANIES of Edmonton. They might take you to work in the kitchen preppin' veggies with JOE SKINNER.