Tuesday, January 17, 2012

michael mann, ed. Unarmed #64, cover by jw curry ("title tweeze by sarah joy"). with poetry, visual poetry, asemics, etc. by brett evans, elizabeth guthrie, jeff harrison, pearl pirie, buck downs, michael kincaid, kimberly lyons, joe blades, debbie florence, daniel f. bradley, sheila e. murphy, michael peters, kyle schlesinger, john olson, jared schicking, jim cory, scott helmes, tom weigel, me, jim leftwich, robert head, chris martin, kemeny babineau, camille martin, richard martin, dave kennedy, guy r. beining, clemente padin, john tyson, gary barwin, jesse freeman, amanda earl & scott newell.

also includes a chapbook by rob mclennan with graphics by barbara caruso!

michael is "always looking for the curious new work" if you want to submit.

1405 fairmount ave.
saint paul, mn

[I have 7 extra copies if anybody wants one...!]

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The Magical World of Jacqueline said...

Mind if I get a copy/

The Magical World of Jacqueline said...

Minf=d if I get a copy?

drosspriddle said...

Send me your snail mail address: ross_priddle@yahoo.ca

Unknown said...

I wouldn't mind a copy as well, if you still have any.

drosspriddle said...

Oh, they're long gone, sorry... in fact I think I even failed to sent one to Jacqueline, sorry sorry!

promises, promises