Friday, January 20, 2012

Postfach 301
79003 Freiburg

[postmarked Austin, TX]



Anonymous said...

Don't eat that Ross. It is a chaw of snuff with all the juice squeezed sucked out of it. That wrapper was on the ground on the grocery store parking lot. They put the suck dry damp chaw in it. Then a car ran over it flattening it. Now you have what appears to be a slice of bread thingy. Don't eat it! It is old chaw!

Anonymous said...

Don't eat that chewed chaw Ross! No! Its old granny spit out Copenhagen or maybe Skoal! Don't eat it! Noooooo!

drosspriddle said...

It's too late, Truman, I already ate it!

Anonymous said...

Das brot creates a melange creme whip poopity patte'. Upon processing it reseal it in the plastic bag.