Sunday, January 01, 2012

Truman Bentley Jr.
3219 Carden Dr.
Columbus, GA

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Anonymous said...

Truman can make any person have cancer using his telepathy power.
He can draw a dot on a piece of paper and carbonize it in a candle flame and that becomes the person he wishes to evaporate. Truman can also use his psychic power to make a person go bald. It is e-ville devil witchcraft Truman. Truman can concentrate on you and suddenly you'll get a fish hook in your eye just sitting there drinking a latte'. Truman can cause the waist band elastic of your underwear to rub an itchy raw spot on your waist. Truman can think of your eye and make the prescription increase in it so you'll have to get a CRAZY LENSE. Truman can cause you to stumble at night going to the restroom breaking a toe. Truman can cause your voice to sound crazy so you'll be viewed as a freak the moment you begin to give an important speech. Truman can cause your relative with a cane to slip hitting their head on the coffee table getting a goose egg knot. Truman can cause your eye lashes to get sind-ged off. Truman can cause you to be walking in the shopping mall and suddenly have diarreah. Truman has "powers-of-mind-thought-whammy-yes-of-goon hee-hee". Truman can make a dry rash spot appear on your head and the hair fall out leaving a bald patch. Truman can cause a person to forget where they are and get lost. Truman can make a person's leg twitch so they can't go to sleep. Truman can make birds tap on your window. PART ONE of Truman Magick Powers of YAW-HAW.