Tuesday, March 22, 2011

addnpass from Mike Dickau, Victor M. Da Silva Jr., Recycled Art Co., Guido Bondioli, Massimo Medola, James Johnson, Bruno Capatti, Michael Fox, Karen Wood, Thompson, Rene Vidal &

Oh Boy, Mailart!
505 N. Naomi St.
Burbank, CA


Anonymous said...

"Ray rabbit, ray photo, ray preenyuses, and Candy Darling with lipstick. Including all the names and addresses of the members of the Daisy Chain-Wagon Train Club. Keeping KY in business into the next century! They already did the Hokey Pokey. Sign up now to the add and pass because musical chairs is next! Ray rabbit fans don't forget to bring your carrots!"

Sen. Paul Waxhand
Bathouse District
San fransisco, Ca. 65493

Anonymous said...

"Truman is so MEAN! Can I wear leather?"

Susan Estrogen
Fromme Institute

Anonymous said...

"No he di-unt!"