Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Truman Bentley Jr. says: OBEY!


Anonymous said...

"He's a blend of ALEISTER CROWLEY and ANTON SZANDOR LAVEY! Just look at his face! He's obviously LUCIFER!"

Rev. Wally E. Jones
Church of The Holy Redeemer
1211 Frontage Rd. Circle.
Wetumpka Ala. 56743

Anonymous said...

"Forget BRIDGE BUNGEE-ER ROY WATSTON BUNNY EAR CARTOON SUBLIMATION IMAGES OF HIS TEA TACKLE NUT SACK SCHWAG BAG. The new face everyone should carve into stampers and make stickers of is the TRUMAN BENTLEY JR. FACE OF ART OBEY BIG BROTHER SATAN HEAD. He alone is FLUXUS-DADA-NEOISM not any of you LOT LICE art poser nobodies name checkin'bunch uh no talent cretins." "WHY YOU MAD BAY-BUH? IT'S TRUE!" "YOU KNOW ITS TRUE BLUE!"

DR.,SR.Malcolm Diaz III PHD.
Navajo-Pueblo Solstice Art Center
34521-0987 U.S.A.

Anonymous said...

Many fans the wwwwworld over are sewing LONG JOHN style red DEVIL SUITS for TRUMAN BENTLEY JR. to wear. If you are crafty with a needle and thread sew a DEVIL SUIT for TRUMAN. 40 waist, 30 leg length. 46 shoulders. It would be nice if he gets enough DEVIL SUITS to wear for each day of the week. Send DEVIL SUITS to:


Dr. Sane said...

Pig-Ugly Wig-Ugly's spokes-psycho!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Sane. Truman has taken cardboard and built a minature chest of drawers to hold saltine crackers. Any time Truman gets a pimple-zit he pops it and using a tooth pick puts the zit pustule core poppin material piece into each hole of a saltine cracker. When a cracker is full it is then placed in one of the drawers. Dr. Sane you would enjoy a cracker with perhaps a cheese spread or potted meat on it. Why not ask Truman for a cracker. They're sssssalty!

Official Cult Dietician
Blanche Meriwether
1302 Harvey Ave.
Que Pasa, Texas 56432

Anonymous said...

Dr. Sane your momma's WIG is UGLY.
How dare you jank on our beloved cult leader TRUMAN BENTLEY JR. You are just jealous because YOU have no ARTISTIC talent.

Devoted Robed Follower
Phyliss Jones
34B Artichoke Lane
Newhall, La. 56432

Anonymous said...

"Anyone, ANYONE who doesn't LOVE our beloved cult leader TRUMAN BENTLEY JR. is a JIVE TURKEY!"

Mr. Tyrone Sykes III
3456 Buford Rd.
Watts, Ohio 94521