Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ruud Janssen


thanks to Jennifer Kosharek

Jennifer Zoe


Jennifer Kosharek said...

I'm so confused... I got that same thing this week... but I don't remember stamping two? Does he photocopy them?

Anonymous said...

No I don't photo copy them girl.


Anonymous said...

Bill, when you clocked out today you left your hat.


Anonymous said...

Hey David. Do you still have that card table. Sandra wanted me to ask if she could borrow it.

Anonymous said...

They only have white and red.
Check with Phil tomorrow. He might can order more.
Thanks. Katie

Anonymous said...

"Who is this HEE HOO girl? Why is she always popping in on your blog?"

Charlie Chaplin

* My card arrives soon. Explains Charlie Chaplin.

Anonymous said...

"Ross has a maroon polyester sports jacket in his wardrobe."

Psychic Again

Anonymous said...

"Fluxus is fluid. Ain't no moisture here. It's DRIED UP that's why the inspection sheet has all those void "X"'s saying nnnnnno! All who hold a FLUXUS X stamper in their hand, they ain't no artist. Just think what the mail man thinks when they see that DUMB rated X looking symbol on pieces of mail. They think STALE SICK FREAK. The new movement in art is to avoid all FLUXUS X stamper people for the X MEANS THEY DUMB & SSSSUPUH STALE!. IN FACT THEY SSSSCHTALE AS HHHHHELL!"

Giffert Crawston, Angie Crawston's cousin from Virginia